The Lone Ranger recording

We’ve started recording bits and pieces for Lone Ranger. Worked with a great group of musicians yesterday creating all sorts of weirdness! I feel very lucky to be able to work with such creative people.

Sparks album gets released today!


Composer Jacob Shea’s soundtrack album for the film Sparks comes out today! Check it out on iTunes today!

Jacob is fast becoming a hot commodity in the film scoring world. You can hear his work in quite a few of Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky’s movies that have come out the last few years.

Sparks, written and directed by Christopher Folino, was a joy to work on. I started out just mixing the score, but ended up staying on to mix the final dub as well. It was a great experience to mix all the elements of the film together. I stayed in Remote Control’s studio B for the mix.   It was a trip to mix the dialog, sound effects and music together to create a beautiful visual and sonic experience for the viewer.

I’m looking forward to doing more final film mixes in the future.