Finished mixing a great new live action film for the Japanese market called Gatchaman last week. It’s based on the Japanese animated series that started in 1972. There was a version in the U.S titled “Battle of the Planets” which was around in 1978. I used to love this cartoon as a kid, so it was a real honor to be able to work on the first live action movie version.

This is the first project I worked with composer Nima Fakhrara.  We had a great experience and the Japanese clients couldn’t have been more gracious. I’m looking forward to Gatchaman 2!

I think this fun, bombastic score deserves a fun, bombastic cocktail. I present…

The Gatchaman Bomb
1oz. Dry Sake
1oz. Dark Rum
1oz. Makers Mark
1oz. Orange juice
2oz. Red Bull
Mix thoroughly with lots of ice and garnish with a slice of orange.

The $116 Million Dollar Man!


Man of Steel had a great opening weekend total of $166 million which put it #1 at the box office. I’m very proud to have worked on this project. Some cool instrumentation was used to create the Man Of Steel sound. We recorded eight steel guitars as an ensemble, which you can hear throughout the film, but especially whenever he takes off in flight.  The other cool sound was the ten drummer ensemble that was recorded for some of the action sequences. Getting to mix ten drummers in surround was one of the highlights of this project for me. It sounded huge in studio B!

Beyond: Two Souls


Just finished mixing an amazing new video game from Sony. The visuals and acting, yes acting, are truely amazing. It stars Ellen Page and Willem Defoe in what I can best describe as an action-drama video game with chose-your-own-adventure game-play. It was amazing to watch and the music, composed by Lorne Balfe just heightened the emotional appeal to a level I’ve yet to see in a video game.