I got a CAS nomination for Hacksaw Ridge !!

hacksaw-ridge-1Hacksaw Ridge is nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for 2016 by the Cinema Audio Society. I share the nomination with Re-Recording mixers Kevin O’Connell, Andy Wright, Robert Mackenzie and Production Mixer Peter Grace, ADR Mixer Diego Ruiz and Foley Mixer Alex Francis. This is my first CAS nomination. I love this score and working with Rupert is always rewarding. Wish us luck!

Resident Evil


Resident Evil comes out today!! I mixed this one for composer Paul Haslinger. This was my first project with Paul, who I really admire as a composer. His technical abilities his need for sonic clarity gel well with mine and we clicked right away on style and direction. Track 4, “The Turbine Sequence” was a blast to mix and is my favorite track on the album. The emotion of trying to get away from that damn turbine really came through with the way Paul built the track. Even though the sound fx of that turbine are really loud in the film, the music comes through loud and clear thanks to Paul’s writing and copious EQ automation. Check it out!