I had the pleasure to work with Lorne Balfe again for Geostorm. This is a big action movie, which means big, musical dynamics and power. There were many passes of orchestra and live percussion. The brass players blew their hearts out on this one.

Gotham-Season 4

  I am proud to work on yet another season of Gotham with composer David Russo.  This show has so many characters to write for and David gives each such individuality. It’s so much fun to get to mix such musical variety in one show.

I got a CAS nomination for Hacksaw Ridge !!

Hacksaw Ridge is nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for 2016 by the Cinema Audio Society. I share the nomination with Re-Recording mixers Kevin O’Connell, Andy Wright, Robert Mackenzie and Production Mixer Peter Grace, ADR Mixer Diego Ruiz and Foley Mixer Alex Francis. This is my first CAS nomination. I love this score and working…

Resident Evil

Resident Evil comes out today!! I mixed this score for composer Paul Haslinger. This was my first project with Paul, who I really admire as a composer. His technical abilities and his  need for sonic clarity gel well with mine. We clicked right away on style and direction. Track 4, “The Turbine Sequence” was a blast…

Hacksaw Ridge

Director Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge” comes out today. I mixed this one for composer Rupert Gregson-Williams whom I love working with.  The orchestra played supremely on this one! Everyone did. It’s rare I get to mix with virtually no sample instruments these days, so this one was a real pleasure. Rupert’s melodies are gorgeous and…

Arrival arrives today!!

Arrival comes out today! It’s always nice working with Johann. The vocal performances by Theater of Voices and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe that represent the “visitors” are haunting, etherial and beautiful. I love putting Johann’s music in 5.1. I so wish everyone could experience what I get to when mixing these cues. While in stereo, it’s…

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

This project was a long time in the making! I was hired by composer John Graham to mix the trailer for this movie a year before we started recording the music for the film. Below is the trailer.   Being able to use the composers music in the trailer is rare, so this was very…

Sicario at the Oscars!

Good luck to Sicario composer Johann Johannsson tomorrow night. It was a pleasure mixing this one and it definitely deserves the Oscar nomination. I mean, come on! Those drums!

Great Plains

Finished mixing the score to Great Plains today. Todd Haberman scored this one. The guitar (my favorite instrument, of course) plays a key role in this score. Based on a true story of domestic abuse, Todd used the acoustic guitar to show the beauty of the landscape and of a mothers hope. The electric melody was brought…

Fifty Shades of Black

I finished mixing the score to this hilarious feature this week! As with all great spoofs, it goes after plenty of other great films from the past year. I highly recommend this one. The score, by composer Jim Dooley strikes the perfect balance between utter hilarity and beautiful score writing. Look for it January 29th!…


The score, co-composed by Jim Dooley and Todd Haberman was so much fun to mix. Being a pure horror movie, I was able to make extensive use of the surrounds and subwoofer to help create movement and dynamics that I usually have to be more subtle with in other genres.

The Charnel House

I mixed the score to “The Charnel House” this week, by composer Todd Haberman. Todd’s use of layer synths and sound design creates an errie backdrop for this modern-day ghost story.

The Man In The High Castle

I was honored to be asked to master the score portion of the album for composer Dominic Lewis this week. Dominic and I worked together at RCP on many projects, so it was fun to get together again.