Bubuki Buranki

  Bubuki Buranki is the latest Anime series that I’ve had the pleasure of working on. It was a real pleasure working with composer Masaru Yokoyama who traveled to L.A. to be at the mix with me. We mixed at Remote Control for this one. It was great to see some of the old crew….

Open Season 4

Open Season 4, which comes out in 2016 , was a real highlight for me. Composers Rupert Gregson-Williams and Dominic Lewis’ score was absolutely beautiful. No synth orchestra on this one. It’s always a real treat to mix with a live orchestra.

At the dub stage for Yoga Hosers.

Had a great day at the dub for Yoga Hosers today with composer Christopher Drake and director Kevin Smith. To borrow a quote from Kevin, “it sounds expensive!”

Klovn Forever

Today I’m working with Danish composer Nicklas Schmidt on the score for Klovn Forever, A Danish comedy feature film. The opening sequence is absolutely hilarious and probably NSFW. I highly recommend checking it out when it gets released later this year.

Yoga Hosers in the house.

Today I’m starting on the new Christopher Drake composed, Kevin Smith directed film “Yoga Hosers”. This is the same team that did last years “Tusk”. I just finished watching the rough cut. It’s really funny! This one will be fun to mix. Chris has had to be a chameleon on this one as Kevin has…


Started on Sicario today. A new film from director Denis Villeneuve and composer Johann Johannsson. I watched the film earlier, and it’s fantastic! I’m really excited about this one. Working with Johann is always a pleasure as it’s a very collaborative process.

Drawing Home

Started on a new film today called Drawing Home. Composer Ben Holiday did a beautiful job on the score for what is a really delicate and poignant story. This will be released later this year.

Max Steel

I’m excited to be working with composer Nathan Lanier again. Max Steel is a live action film based on the Mattel action figures. It’s got some big names in there and the visual effects look really good.

The Frozen Ground-Now on Netflix!

Just a quick post today letting you know that “The Frozen Ground”, starring John Cusack and Nicolas Cage is out on Netflix. This one went under the radar so not many people know about it. It’s based on a true story and Cusack plays a really convincing baddy. The composer was Lorne Balfe and I actually mixed this one…

Tusk trailer arrives today!

  The trailer for Tusk came out today. I can’t wait for people to see this film. It’s one of the more interesting projects I’ve worked on as of late. This picture is definitely going to surprise, excite, & horrify some people.Trying to make the music stand out over the screams was a challenge, but…

Tokyo Ghoul gives screen credit to the mixer!

  I’m very excited to get a screen credit for my mix of the popular Japanese TV show Tokyo Ghoul. It basically never happens, so I’m very grateful to my Japanese friends for making this possible. I had a blast mixing with composer Yutaka Yamada and Music Director/Editor Kohei Chida. Special thanks to Koyo Sonae…

Water Polo Yankees!

Here’s another TV show from our friends over in Japan. This one is again composed by Yutaka Yamada with musical direction by Kohei Chida, the team behind Tokyo Ghoul. This was a fun project. It’s all about Yankees! In Japan “yankee” refers to delinquent youths. Rebels and water polo…Who knew?! I mixed this show from my home…

Kevin Smith’s “Tusk” is a wrap!

We finished up the music mix to Kevin Smith’s new film “Tusk” last night. There are so many cool things about this movie I wish I could tell you about. Kevin’s done a brilliant job and so did Christopher Drake in creating the sonic landscape to this amazingly disturbing film! I can’t wait for you…