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Prisoners score mix

I finished the mix for Prisoners yesterday. I highly recommend this film and the beautiful score by Johann Johannson.

We mixed this one at Remote Control’s Studio B. This was tag team mixing at it’s finest. Because Johann knew exactly what he wanted, I’d get each cue sounding balanced and sonically appropriate for the theater, then Johann would sit down and do rides on specific elements that he knew he wanted up or down. In the middle of that process, if he suddenly had a creative idea for a sound, he’d step aside and ask me to create it for him. It was a wonderful experience and it was fun to get creative with the score and creating sound design elements that weren’t there to begin with. I’m looking forward to working with Johann in the future.

The Red Whistle

1oz. Dark Rum

1oz. Firewater Cinnamon Schnapps

1oz. Hazelnut vodka

A splash of Frangelico.

Shake quietly with ice and pour into your favorite tumbler.

After what you’ve just been through, this will help to calm the nerves.

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