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Water Polo Yankees!


Here’s another TV show from our friends over in Japan. This one is again composed by Yutaka Yamada with musical direction by Kohei Chida, the team behind Tokyo Ghoul. This was a fun project. It’s all about Yankees! In Japan “yankee” refers to delinquent youths. Rebels and water polo… Who knew?!

I mixed this show from my home studio in L.A. I love mixing from home as I get to have cups of tea brought to me by my lovely wife Fiona when she takes a writing break… which isn’t very often.  My studio setup is very simple. Pro Tools. Apogee clock. Two MacPros, if needed for large mixes. I mix all “in-the-box” at home, which is what I do at Remote Control as well. Mixing in the box is so helpful for recalls, when 6 months down the road a client asks for one stem to be split out, which happens all of the time. In fact one doing a recall tonight for a client how decided that the original stem list they gave me 8 months ago, needs to be revised. So I have to recall of the mixes and re-stem out everything. And it has to sounds EXACTLY the same. You simply can’t do that with outboard analog gear. I miss playing with big knobs as much as the next guy, but in today’s marketplace there isn’t any need for it unfortunately. Want, yes. Need no.

Stay thirsty my friends.

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