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Bose/NFL Commercial mix featuring “The Quarterback Sneak” cocktail!

Bose:NFL 2-Edit 1
Dane Leon (Music Editor), Chris Newlin (Composer), Matt Bieler (Director), Moi, Christian Wenger (Assistant)
“The Quarterback Sneak”

We had a great day mixing some NFL sounds and cocktails yesterday at Remote Control! We mixed in studio A this time, so I had to get the bar moved in, a very important detail.

Composer Chris Newlin, while taking a break from music editing on the hit show Chicago Fire, created a really aggressive sonic landscape for the on field NFL action and shots of big hairless sweaty guys working out! Unlike myself who is getting smaller and more hairy in all the wrong places. 😦

Anywho,  seeing the picture pre-visual effects is always fun for me. It still amazes me what they can do in visual post. In my version yesterday for example, these guys are running around in an empty stadium. When it airs, there will thousands of screaming fans in the stands. Amazing!

On to the important stuff! Originally, I had an idea for a cocktail named “The Linebacker.” But when I finished my first version, it was a bit sweeter than a “linebacker” would be. It was absolutely delicious, but not exactly big and tough.  So who’s the sweetest guy on the field? The quarterback! This drink, while a little sweet on the front end, sneaks up on you and kicks your ass in the 2nd half. After two drinks each, the guys had to stop because, ya know, they’re responsible and stuff… But they were definitely feeling the bass from the speakers and a hit from the cocktail. My favorite kinda night!

A very special thanks to Shalini Singh, the beautiful studio manager at RCP for getting my bar moved into A!

I present to you…

The Quarterback Sneak
2 oz. Makers Mark Bourbon
1/2 oz. Red Vermouth
1/4 oz. Maple Syrup (more if you'd like it sweeter)
3 drops of Angostura Bitters

Mix the above ingredients in a large chilled vessel with a few ice cubes. 
Pour into an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice.
then add...

1-2 oz. Bundaberg Ginger Beer
1 cherry and a slice of lime with football laces for garnish.DSC_6467-Edit

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