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The Frozen Ground – Now on Netflix!

Just a quick post today letting you know that The Frozen Ground, starring John Cusack and Nicolas Cage is out on Netflix. This one went under the radar so not many people know about it. It’s based on a true story and Cusack plays a really convincing baddy. The composer was Lorne Balfe and I actually mixed this one in Lorne’s room at Remote Control. There just wasn’t time to print stems and what not, so I mixed it in Cubase.

I really wanted to keep this as dynamic as possible so that the desolate scenes in the wilds of Alaska would stay eerie. It was easy to do with Lorne’s writing. He really understands the dynamics of the picture and when and where to get dramatic and where to just put a solo violin line that makes an already tense scene, really uncomfortable, in the best possible way! Check out “Remember Her”  on the soundtrack. It’s one of my favorites from the film.

This is definitely worth the watch, so put it in your cue this weekend!

As always, stay thirsty my friends!


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